What is BIGO LIVE?

woman live streaming on phone

If you are into streaming, or watching others share their life and experiences online, you may have heard of BIGO Live. If you have not heard of it, it’s something you might want to check out.

So, what exactly is BIGO Live and what can you expect to see on it?

Live Streaming

BIGO LIVE is a primarily app based live streaming platform. It was developed in Singapore in 2014 and later purchased by a large Chinese firm. So, much of its early success came from the Asian market.

The app has seen rapid growth and is estimated to have over 300 million users around the world. With live streaming becoming increasing popular even more growth is not out of the question.

But, you still probably have some questions about what to expect when using the app.

How does it work?

The main feature of this app is that anyone can live stream on demand. Though you can stream from anywhere, the app was banned in two large countries, India and Pakistan.

India’s ban is based on political tension with China while Pakistan’s is mostly due to extreme religious views. These bans tend to come and go so you can still find active streamers from these countries.

To get started you just need to download the app from either the Apple app store for iOS users or Google Play app store for Android users and create your account. After that it’s easy to start streaming or watch other people live.

Can you use it on a PC?

Yes and no. It is app based so there is no official PC version. The company does make a Windows based program that allows gamers to connect their app to their PC so they can stream gameplay live, but the app is still required.

Some third party programs may also allow you to emulate a smartphone environment on your computer, which would let you basically run the BIGO LIVE app on your PC. But, these are not supported by the developer and are more of an unreliable workaround than a longterm fix.

Though you need the app to stream, you watch other people’s live streams on the BIGO website.

Is BIGO LIVE free?

Also, yes and no. You can sign up for free. With a free account you can both stream yourself as well as watch other streamers.

However, there is an option for viewers to send virtual gifts to content creators they appreciate.

They way this works is that a viewer uses real money to make an in-app purchase of virtual diamonds, BIGO LIVE’s currency. This is called recharging.

BIGO LIVE recharge
Source: bigopay.tv

You can buy virtual gifts with diamonds to send to the streamer. The streamer can then convert the gifts into real currency, with the app taking a healthy cut of course.

What kind of content do people stream?

If you can think of it you can probably find it. There are both professional and amateur/casual streamers. Professional streamers do so with the aim of earning an income, while the most popular may even be able to turn themselves into a social media influencer.

Casual streamers do it for entertainment.

Some of the more popular content people often stream is:

  • live online games
  • singing
  • playing instruments
  • dancing
  • tutorials (makeup, fitness, etc.)

Aside from gaming, one of the most popular forms of content you’ll find are many scantily clad women showing off their best assets without getting naked. You’ll usually find them in tight dresses or vert short shorts and low cut shirts.

Is BIGO an adult app?

No. It’s a live streaming platform and not adult entertainment (i.e. porn). It technically is an 18+ app but that’s more for safety than anything.

Streamers that try to show off too much, such as flashing their boobs or going fully nude are in very real danger of getting banned.

A ban means they lose their source of income, so bans are taken seriously.

That doesn’t mean everyone always plays by the rules though. If you spend a couple of minutes typing terms like, bigo live sex, bigo live tits or bigo live pussy into your favorite search engine you shouldn’t have a hard time finding some examples of streamers that took things too far.

Sometimes there is the occasional nip slip as well from girls dancing and not being as careful as they should be, though the chances of stumbling upon that is few and far between.

Is is similar to any other app?

There are a lot of streaming apps nowadays, so this one is far from alone on that front. They each tend to have their own special take on live streams though, so while they aren’t completely different, they aren’t completely the same either.

For example, Twitch has become the go to streaming platform for gamers, though you can stream other content on there. And, Facebook Live covers a variety of niches from news to personal broadcasts.

BIGO LIVE markets itself as an app for making friends globally. That would make is more similar to apps like Live.me and YouNow.

Wrap It

To answer the original question, what is BIGO LIVE, in short it’s a free app designed with the intent to allow people to find and chat with new friends all over the world. You can find streamers from many different countries including but not limited to: the USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, Australia, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and more.

If you want to watch people plays online games, listen to someone sing, or even practice your foreign language listening skills, if’s definitely worth giving it a try.

Just remember, though this app has rules barring sexual content some may accidentally slip through the cracks. That’s why it’s intended for those over the age of 18. Always stay safe while online, especially where streaming content is concerned.