A Quick & Dirty Guide to Bedroom Toys

woman on bed

No matter whether you live alone, have the perfect SO or have been married for decades, we all run into some bedroom woes now and then. Changing up your routine can help you break through the monotony.

But, figuring out how to do that isn’t always as easy as you would think. Luckily there are plenty of different sexual devices, or toys, you can introduce to the situation to help reinvigorate your private time.

Different Types of Sex Toys

Depending on what you are looking for as well as your comfort level, you have a wide variety of options. Here are some of the more common ones.


Probably the most commonly purchased and used sex toys are vibrators. The general wand style is phallic shaped. They are made to be inserted into the vagina where they simultaneously can be manually moved in and out simulated intercourse while they vibrate to provide more sensation.

vibrator with panties

Though vibrators are mostly considered a female sex toy, men can use them as well. When pressed against the frenulum it can help stimulate a penis for a stronger erection.

They are usually powered by disposable batteries but you may stumble across some with rechargeable ones.

If you’re reading this guide because you’re doing some much-deserved self-care shopping, make sure to check out our “Benefits of Female Masturbation” to not only feel more confident in your investment but to also better understand the importance masturbation plays in our physical and mental health!

Aside from your basic wand vibrator, there are other variations like clitorial vibrators that focus on stimulating the clitoris and rabbit vibrators that combine the functions of the wand and clitorial vibrators into one device.


Dildos are also a very common female sex toy, though like vibrators they are not only for those with two X chromosomes. Men can and do enjoy using them as well.

Dildos can be as plain or as fancy as you want. You can find them only a couple inches long with almost no detail or over a foot long made to resemble a large veiny cock and everything in between. But, they all have the same thing in common. They are phallic shaped and meant for insertion.

Dildos are used both for vaginal and anal play, so feel free to experiment.

Male Masterbators

Instead of mimicking a penis like vibrators and dildos, a male masterbator is designed to mimic an orifice like a vagina or mouth. They are made for men to insert their penis for the sake of stimulation with the goal of eventual orgasm.

There are several different types of male masterbators. Some are small and made for one-time usage while others are quite large and made to last a while with proper maintenance of course. Some are even designed to mimic popular porn stars’ mouths and vaginas.

Almost all of these require manual operation, but there are a few that automatic. That number is sure to increase with the rise of VR porn too where a hands-free experience is much more important.

Cock Rings

A cock ring is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a ring that you place at the base of your member.

The primary goal is to help increase the intensity of an erection. That is done by constricting blood vessels. Picture when a nurse ties a rubber band around your bicep before drawing blood. They do that to make it easier to find a vein. Cock rings emulate that.

They can however increase sensation too, which is a great ancillary effect.

For even more fun opt for using a vibrating cock ring. They are fun for the wearer and can help stimulate the clitoris upon full insertion.

Butt Plugs

This is another bedroom toy that isn’t too difficult to figure out what it does by its name. They are a toy designed specifically for anal play.

Unlike dildos which too can and are used for anal play, butt plugs are meant to go in and stay in.

They are usually also designed in a shape that is much more forgiving to those getting started with anal play. The tips are generally much more narrow and they grow in girth as you move closer to the base. Some of them also come with a vibration function.

For anyone interested in getting started with anal sex, easing into it with a butt plug is highly recommended.

Anal Beads

There is no guess as to what orifice these are designed for. Anal beads are a series of beads or orbs connected by a single strand. The base has a stopper, usually ring shaped, that serves to prevent the toy from completely going into the anus as well as making it easier to pull the beads out when desired.

Anal beads are a toy that both men and women can enjoy. They also come in a variety of designs.

You can find anal beads that start small and slowly increase in size or you can find the exact opposite. Some have equally-sized beads. And, some even vibrate.

There is no one specific way to use them. Some people prefer to use them during foreplay while others like to remove them at the time of climax for a more explosive sensation.

Just remember to always use plenty of lubrication no matter how you use them as the rectum is a very sensitive and delicate area.

Lubes & Lotions & Condoms

A quick guide to sex toys would not be complete if lubes, lotions and condoms were not mentioned. Most people don’t even realize that there are specialty lubes such as those made specifically for anal sex and play. There are even flavored lubes, vegan-friendly lubes and CBD-infused lubes.

condom on banana

Lotions can help in foreplay. Use them during an erotic massage or into rounds. Try different scents and textures until you discover what gets you or your SO going. Some lotions are even water soluble so they double as lube.

And last but not even close to least are condoms. Not only are they the keystone to safe sex, they can be used to make things a little more interesting. Regular condoms are an easy way for overly sensitive men to extend their stamina. But, there are an assortment of specialty condoms too.
You can find textured condoms, flavored condoms, numbing condoms (for longer sessions), and warming condoms. There are even edible condoms though those are just for novelty use as they won’t offer any real protection.

Just remember to use a lube that is water or silicon-based since they won’t break down latex.

Wrap It

Buying your first sex toy can be a bit of an embarrassing and overwhelming experience. But, it doesn’t have to be.

Remember the goal is to make your sex life more enjoyable and there is no shame in that. Plus, these toys would not exist if they weren’t widely used.

We hope this quick and dirty guide to bedroom toys helps spice up your love life and opens you up to a future of exciting new pleasures.